The 3 Things Holding you Back from $10K Months!

The 3 Things Holding you Back from $10K Months!

You have the opportunity to reach $10,000 a month & beyond with your coaching business. But there’s a problem: You’re not taking advantage of it.

You know you’ve been doing something right when you can hit your 5K to 8K months—and when you’re consistently hitting that milestone. But what about that plateau that seems to be holding you back from actually reaching $10K months and beyond?

It’s time to think about how you do your business differently! Stop letting these 3 things hold you back and start stepping into the lucrative business that is yours for the taking:

  1. Not Having a Client Attraction System In Place 

There are plenty of more business owners out there who want your services as a coach. The thing is, you’re not reaching them. Without an effective client attraction system in place, you won’t have a consistent flow of leads coming into your sales funnel, and consequently, you won’t have enough people to nurture and eventually convert.

And even if you have a consistent stream of leads coming through, without a client attraction system in place, your prospects are not engaged with your messaging enough to convert. Your dream-list clients aren’t going to knock on your DMs or email you out of the blue with “I love what you do, let’s work together!” 

I call that the “Post and Hope” passive business model where you post something on social, have a small call to action at the end and then cross your fingers hoping for some engaging clients to show up. It’s not going to happen.

You need to take back control of your business and create a consistent flow of amazing client leads. 

Having an effective client attraction system means building magnetic offers that speak directly to your ideal clients, knowing where to market them, and how to show up with authority so premium dream clients come to you ready to buy, with hardly any selling on your part. 

The Strategy isn’t Working” 

I know you’re struggling. I’ve been there, and I know all the excuses. But let me tell you. – yes, the strategy does work. 

Here’s the truth, strategy is useless without action, consistency, patience, and time. It will definitely not work when you try it out for a week or two. To become credible in an industry where we provide benefits and transformation, it is important for us to build relationships and establish human connection, and that’s a process that doesn’t go as quickly as many people want it to.


When someone comes to me and tells me they’ve tried “everything” but they’re still not getting sales, I ask them what they’ve actually tried, how many times they tried, and if they ever really believed it would work in the first place. If we don’t truly believe something will work for us, we end up half-assing it to protect the ego (because we don’t want to give it our all and fail). But when we don’t fully commit, we also don’t get the desired results so it’s a double-edged sword.

There’s no magic pill or formula, the strategy isn’t a quick fix. You’re building a business. For it to work, it’s going to have to come from implementation and taking consistent action, making smart changes over time, and being patient and dedicated enough to give it time to work! 

Working Harder, Not Smarter 

First of all, running a coaching business is intense. It takes time and effort and commitment, which can be hard when you’re juggling another job or family responsibilities.  

We’ve all been there. You start a coaching business because you want to make a better life for yourself, and then you find yourself staring at your laptop screen day in and day out, wondering why you’re not making any money.

But let me tell you this: your 5-figure-month self is a business where you work ON Your business instead of just IN it. The truth is: most people don’t make five figures a month by just working as hard as they can. That’s a recipe for burnout and not scalable income. They make it because they work smarter. And now, so can you.

Nowadays, there are so many tools available that can help you automate certain parts of your business and free up time for you to focus on your zone of genius. There are tons of new ways to make money with your coaching biz too! But if you’re like most coaches, you’re so busy trying to do everything yourself then it’s easy to overlook these great opportunities around you.

The goal in business is to be the owner, not the operator. If you’re stuck in the trenches day in and day out and can never take a vacation, you might as well be an employee where you can at least request time off. Instead, create a business model that’s centered around working smarter, not harder. Automate, delegate, delete the passive busy work tasks and then go enjoy some much deserved time off (while your business continues to grow because you set up a winning business model). 

So now we’ve unfolded the three things holding you back from reaching $10K months and come up with a plan to help you hit those 5-figure months with ease. 

If you’d like my help creating your own personalized 5-figure-month blueprint, click here to schedule a free call where we’ll uncover the money leaks in your business and discuss if you’re the right fit for my 5-figure-month coaching program.



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