4 Steps for a smoother path to Success!

4 Steps for a smoother path to Success!

Success doesn’t happen overnight. 

I have built my business up from the ground with hard work and dedication 

I set my goals and work on them everyday to get to where I am now.

I know you see it everyday, entrepreneurs hitting 10K, 20K, 50K+ months and it looks like they’ve walked into this abundance of success. Reality is, most people will not show the difficult days. The months before they hit huge success in their business. There is no spell or magic wand that you can wave to have $10K flowing into your bank account, or high-ticket clients knocking your door down. 

The online space more often than usual, isn’t filled with as much integrity as it should. There are people promising 100K months at the click of a button or 30 clients in your first month. Yes these things are possible, but it takes time, dedication, it takes showing up consistently and putting in the work. 

Here are a few tips to help make your journey to success a little smoother.

Work on your mindset.

What you think, is what you will believe. The true power of your mind will work if you are committed to your goals and work on your mindset. Creating healthy habits in your life daily, creating routine, will help you get focused on what you need to do to achieve your end goal. Practicing mindfulness is crucial. The stronger your mindset is, the more work you’ll be able to get done, the stronger your mindset is, the more creative you’ll be able to get, the stronger your mindset is, the more consistent you will be.


Create genuine connections.

Prioritize building trust and relationships with your audience through video marketing, storytelling and starting genuine conversations and relationships via Comments and DMs. A lot of successful entrepreneurs stand by the strategy of making connections and building relationships. What is the saying? It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know! (Not exactly the case, what you know is key haha) but creating connections and building a community of support and collaboration, will propel your business further. Who you connect with could end up being a new client, a new business partner, they could have an audience to expose you to for further growth, they could have multiple connections or a backpocket of clients to connect you with. Focus on audience building in your business everyday, add 20-30 new people on Facebook. See what happens. 

Determine your price worth

I see this a lot, new entrepreneurs tend to undervalue themselves and set their prices too low. The more confidence you have in the value that you offer, setting a price that speaks to the value and time, the less someone will question that price. This will allow you to attract the RIGHT client that is willing to pay for your worth.

Expand your business to other platforms.

Look, if Facebook is working great for you, amazing stay there! But try to focus on building your online presence onto at least one other platform. For example, how you market yourself and show up on Instagram vs Facebook is different. You could be missing out on a whole other world of potential clients. Email marketing is also often thought of as old school, when in fact it is the OG of conversion. Remember that time social media crashed? How did you connect to your clients, how did you generate leads? Having an email list and nurturing them every week is a must. Someone may not be online that day, or see your Instagram post. Sending out weekly emails about your freebies, your offers and value, will ensure you get you seen by as many people as possible. Why not start a blog to provide even more valuable content to reach a larger audience through other platforms to drive traffic. Get creative and repurpose your already created content on multiple platforms and you’ll grow quickly. 


Follow these steps in your business day to day, and watch your business bloom! You just have to work consistently and stay focused.

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