Sell it With Confidence: How to Close Sales Like a Boss Babe

Meghan Clor 2021 - Business Consultant

Sell it With Confidence: How to Close Sales Like a Boss Babe

Sell it With Confidence: How to Close Sales Like a Boss Babe

Does the idea of selling and charging for your time stress you out and make you want to run the other direction? Do you dread the point in your free training or discovery call where its time to talk rates and investing in your services?

First off youre 1,000% not alone! Most of us have money blocks wired into our subconscious, especially when it comes to valuing our own worth with confidence. We love what we do so much that sometimes we feel guiltyeven charging for it because its just who we are. BUT if you want a successful business that will be around for years to come, youve got to master this area!

Tip 1: Practice. Just like anything else in life, the more practice you have, the more competence you get which then shows up as confidence. Practice your 3-sentence elevator pitch. Determine how much you feel your program is worth (message me for help on pricing), ask yourself how you can add even more value to your program and then determine aprice thats a little less than you feel its worth. That way, you can confidently feel that your customer is getting a great value with your price point.

Next step, practice talking to friends and family members about your price. Record yourself practicing your pitch and re-watch it to see where you can improve. Before recording yourself, envision the value you know youll provide and how much you know this will change your clients life so you start off with confidence.

The more you talk about your rates with others, instead of just in your head, the more natural it will become for youwhen speaking with a client.

Tip 2: Smile. Even if you’re on the phone or writing an email, smile when you say your rates. Your tone of voice changes when you smile (as does the “tone” of your typing), and that tone can convey confidence and authority, not to mention professionalism. Its also signaling to the universe that you know your value and youre ready to receive it which means youre leveling up on your manifestations.

Tip 3: Avoid being wishy-washy. Listen to yourself as you speak to potential clients. Do you say things like, “Well, normally I charge…” or “Actually, my rates are…” or “Do you think that $XX.00 will work for you?”

These (and others like them) are all wishy-washy ways of talking that do not instill confidence in your client, and worse, they make you sound like you don’t believe in yourself. The person with the most certainty in any negotiation always wins.

Rather than apologetically saying, “Um, I charge, like $1,000 per month,” stand up or sit up straight, smile, and say with confidence, “My rate for VIP coaching is $1,000 per month. Say this in a tone that ends with certainty and not an upward inflection of questioning yourself and then…

Tip 4: Be silent. When we’re nervous or feeling uncertain, we tend to talk and often times we talk ourselves right out of a sale! We want to fill the silence with something just to avoid sitting there uncomfortably and wondering what the other person is thinking.

But guess what? He or she is just as uncomfortable with the silence, and psychologically, the one who speaks first is at a disadvantage. So when you’re talking price, avoid the urge to fill the silence (especially because you’re most likely to try to justify your pricing which they may not even be questioning in the first place) and let your potential client process and respond to you.

Will speaking with confidence always land you a new client? No. But being able to share your pricing in a clear voice will help potential clients know that you’re confident in your skills, and consequently, that you are the right coach for them. Think about it would you ever hire a coach who sounded unsure of themselves or their ability to really help you? Of course not! So practice developing this one skill set over and over again until you become THE badass boss babe who sells with confidence.


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