How To Stay Positive Daily as a Female Entrepreneur!

How To Stay Positive Daily as a Female Entrepreneur!

How To Stay Positive Daily as a Female Entrepreneur!

It’s the dream right? Being a female entrepreneur, a regular boss babe, living your dream life with amazing clients and working your own hours!

Yes, for sure..but, it isn’t all smooth sailing! It takes a whole load of hard work and with that, comes hard days. I get asked a lot, how do you stay so positive all the time when you have a million things to do?! Aren’t you exhausted?! Everyone has their days of struggle, but I’ve found a way of managing those days and staying on the path to growth!

I call it.. Mindset and organization! Check it out..

There are certain things we can do to make our lives and days a whole lot easier!


Organize your days at the start of the week, break down in detail what you need to do to achieve your to do list and goals for that week! Getting thoroughly organized will transform your business, freeing up a mass amount of time as well as preventing any unnecessary stress! Use a Sunday evening or Monday morning, to break down your daily tasks and anything extra. Do you have Google calendar?! If it girl! You can schedule anything and everything on your google calendar, from important meetings to a simple reminder to reply to an email! If you have a team, try Monday! Monday is amazing for keeping on top of team projects! You can review and approve any work submitted by your team, a super smooth and easy system!

That Morning Feeling..

Sometimes we wake up feeling like we can’t be bothered that day, or if we aren’t organized (ahem!) we feel overwhelmed by all the work we have to do.. this is where we can fall into a spiral of negative thoughts! Make it a routine that when you wake each morning, you speak or write positive mantras to yourself, to prepare your mind for the day ahead. Write down 5 or more things that you are grateful for and tell yourself you will succeed! Remind yourself why you’re doing this, focus on your end goal. This will drive you to get your work done!

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

No one’s journey is the same, we have this terrible habit of comparing our progress to other’s. Where your business is, is where it’s meant to be, you’re crushing it! You’re working super hard, your end goal is in sight. When it appears that another business or person has succeeded super fast or over night, it isn’t always the case! A lot of people will work in quiet, then let their success do the talking. If you asked them, no doubt they would say it took them months or years to get to where they are! So remember, don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 10. Your pages are turning, at your pace.

Enjoy The Little Things

The secret to success doesn’t just involve working 24/7 until you drop. Most successful people will tell you, that their secret is balance. Yes, a LOT of hard work is involved, working some weekends or late nights. But those days off, those little breaks and days of self care, they work as a revival so we can be prepared for another week of hard work. If we don’t rest and take time off, how we can expect ourselves to function at our highest potential? Spend your Sunday at the beach, with family, with a glass of wine in your hand and a face mask on. The 3 R’s are crucial for any functioning entrepreneur.. rest, revive and revitalize. You need your pamper days girl, take them!

If you feel like you’re struggling to to organize your weeks, break down your goals or develop a strategy to get ahead in your business, reach out to me today and we can discuss making your business life a whole lot easier.
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