How To Gain Momentum In Your Biz When You Feel A Bit, Stuck!

How To Gain Momentum In Your Biz When You Feel A Bit, Stuck!

How To Gain Momentum In Your Biz When You Feel A Bit, Stuck!

I’m a coach but I’m not perfect. I have my bad days just like you. But I’ve learned how to give myself a momentum boost any time I’m feeling stuck. If you’re feeling frustrated with your business growth, that feeling is there to teach you something.

Instead of running or hiding from it, acknowledge it, pay attention to why you’re feeling this way and then make a plan to get yourself out of that dis-empowered zone.

Know where you are –

The first step to feeling better and back to your motivated self, is understanding how you feel and where you are. Take a step back and take a deep breath. Often we try to get unstuck by pushing forward with sheer force or just trying harder, but that can often make things worse. Think about where you are and what got you here, what you really want. When you step back from your career, life and challenges and look from afar, you see things from a different perspective.

Reconnect to your why –

When we feel stuck, it’s often because we’ve lost sight of our end goal and the bigger picture. You’ve lost your why. Remember why you started in the first place, what was the reason? Values or passion that drove you to begin this journey? What picture do you have for yourself, your business and your life? By reminding ourselves of our original goals, intentions and purpose, it gives us the intrinsic motivation to get back on our path and keep moving. Connecting with your deeper ‘why’ will be the light and fuel that keeps you going in the right direction. Even through those tough days.

Let go of things that just aren’t working – 

Picture this. You’re walking through a mucky puddle, your boots keep getting stuck and come flying off. You keep putting them back on, but they just keep getting stuck in the mud and won’t stay on or get you to your destination… understand?

If something isn’t working, there’s no point trying to force it, if it’s going to keep holding you back. The boot represents your limiting beliefs, old habits or stories you’re telling yourself to convince yourself that something is working. In order to move forward and find a new solution or plan that will help us grow, we need to first remove the ‘boot’ and realize that it’s getting us nowhere. Let go of those things, plans, techniques or even people that could be causing a delay in your growth.

Create a plan and stay committed – 

Start by brainstorming ideas and possibilities that will help you move forward from this sense of being stuck. Expand your mind and open your thoughts to finding a new solution. Even just visualizing potential options, will make you feel less trapped. Then continue to create a step-by-step plan, to get you back on track, develop a crystal-clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve and a big, tangible goal to reach for. Create your plan in detail, break it down by months, weeks and days, and stick to it.

Reach out for help – 

Help can come in many different forms when you’re feeling stuck. If you’re feeling stuck in life, personally, reach out to a friend or family member. Vent and let your emotions out to someone you trust and feel safe with. Feeling stuck in your career, you can of course reach out to friends and family again, but if you want support in the form of a solid solution, a business coach can often be the best answer for this.

Helping solopreneur’s when imposter syndrome kicks in or lack of motivation, is something I do often. If you feel like you need that extra support and guidance in your business, you can book a call with me today. We’ll discuss your goals and techniques to get you back on your path to success.
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